Catherine L’Ecuyer is Canadian, now living in Barcelona with her four children. She holds a law degree, has an MBA, an Official European Master of Research and a Doctorate in Education and Psychology. The Swiss journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience published her article “The Wonder Approach to Learning,” which converted her thesis into a new hypothesis/theory of learning. She received the 2015 Pajarita Award from the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers for “promoting a culture of play in the media,” and was invited to speak to the Education Commission of the Congress of Deputies of Spain. She has served as a consultant to the Spanish government regarding the use of digital technology by minors, to the government of the state of Puebla in Mexico concerning preschool reform and has participated in a report for the Cerlac (Unesco) on the use of digital media in childhood.

Author of many publications, she is the bestseller author of The Wonder Approach, published in eight languages and available in more than 40 countries. She currently collaborates with the Mind-Brain Group of the University of Navarra and is a columnist for El País, one of the most-read newspapers in Spanish.