What people say about the book

Coberta_educar_asombro_castella.25.inddOpinions on the Spanish edition

  • “Brilliant.” Pilar Jericó, El País.
  • “A breath of fresh air. The Wonder Approach is one of the educational bestsellers of the past few years.Revista Magisterio
  • Catherine L’Ecuyer’s merits are not easily achieved in our times. Not only has she reached the 21st edition without promising fantastic formulas and inmediate results, but she did it combining the rigor of the current neuropediatrician literature with the long-standing and consolidated expression of pedagogical and philosophical thoughts.Hugo Lagone, Estadao Newspaper, Brazil
  • Catherine L’Ecuyer’s proposal is based on the flourishing of creativity and, therefore of wonder, in a world where we are overexposed to stimuli that are often empty, sometimes even insane.” El País
  • A pedagogical phenomenon (…) a new education hypothesis.” COPE Radio Station
  • One of the most respected voices in the educational world. Educación Docente
  • A phenomenon.” Carles Capdevila, Ara Journal
  • Gentle and evocative, at the same time it is deeply thought provoking, like everything that is good, true and beautiful. Compulsory reading for all educators.” Iñigo Pirfano, Orquestra Director
  • “Uncomfortable and opportune, its presence graces the shelves that are usully filled with superficiality and conventionalism.” Santiago Álvarez de Mon, Professor IESE Business School
  • “Catherine L’Ecuyer is an island of common sense in a sea of people instructing you on the right way of parenting.” Rodrigo Gurtel, Literary critic, Brazil
  • “An excellent and very necessary reflection on how the essential elements and learning mechanisms of childhood: (play, exploration, wonder…) are being neglected and nullified by the march of technological distraction and social dynamics that are stunting their ability to grow to their full potential. Very thought provoking. We owe it to the kids in our lives to reflect on the themes brought up in this jewel of a book. It’s no wonder it’s on its 23th edition in Europe at the moment!” Paul MacManus, Amazon comment
  • “I bought it immediately via kindle and devoured it, highlighting often in enthusiastic agreement. I highly recommend this book to all parents and teachers, to those in favor of immersing children in the natural world, to those concerned about the effects of excessive screen time and to everyone who cares about reclaiming childhood.” Kim Allsup, author of A Gift of Wonder
  • “(…) after so many pseudotheoretical insanities on education, I finally find myself with a proposal that makes sense and that is based in reality.Nancibel Webber, Doctor of educational philosophy, Argentina.
  • “Catherine L’Ecuyer gave a 21 minute inspiring speech at the IV Brilliant Mind Congress.Revista Ser Padres
  • “An essential pedagogical testimony for a world with more screens than windows.Pedagogía 350

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